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General Terms and Conditions    ### SAMPLE only for this DEMO shop ###


1. General conditions



Any orders will be accepted only on the terms set out below. Different conditions may be carried out only with the express written approval or regulation.


The offer of the written contract between the Buyer and the Trodimp-R Ltd., Which is recorded in Trodimp-R Ltd's Computer system, and a copy of the Buyer electronically registered e-mail address in is giving you the confirmation as . From this you can withdraw from the contract as provided in paragraph 9 sheet. The agreement with the Hungarian language.


The contract you have entered to change at any time in the event of data entry errors after a customer password entry, or by telephone about the +36-1-206-2157, fax +36-1-203-5069 number may in writing or by email  e-mail may have written.


Trodimp-R Ltd. has no knowledge of stamp making facilities associated with an existing code of ethics, trade in services is acting in accordance with the customary and accepted guidelines.


Applicable Law: 2001 CVIII. According to paragraph d) and e) Act Section 5 (1):

Rules for contracts concluded by electronic means


2. Registration


The store purchase only valid registration possible. If the customer in the store is not yet registered, accurate data entering must complete a registration form before you complete your purchase.



3. Territorial Validity


Shipping and billing address in Hungary can only accept.



4. Prices


All prices are shown in mean gross price of HUF and including VAT.



5. Delivery


The current charges the store "menu item can be viewed delivery fee" and during the purchase process, are still visible before finalizing the order.


Place of performance in all cases, in the parcel delivery service. The other potential hazards associated with transportation paid by the buyer.



6. Warranty


The buyer is obliged noticed it in quantity or quality defect within 14 days of receipt of the report in writing to the supplier. In case of a justified complaint seller is obligated to make up the shortfall (in quantitative error), or replace the defective goods to return the fee. The Trodimp-R case of any fault, which is demonstrably correct context of the stamp can be derived from the production of time-unlimited warranty, or replace the goods.


Supplier shall not be obliged to replace the goods free of charge or replaced if the error has occurred due to the customer, whether intentionally or through gross negligence. Please note that we do not accept any liability in the event that the customer data is incorrect and leave in order approved. We assume no responsibility for the misuse inherent errors either.


Description of the existing legislation:


The concept of non-conformity and a warranty


If someone enters into a pecuniary interest (ie not free) contract could reasonably have expected to receive flawless services (things, activities) of the amount it had paid. This is justified by the service contract and also the principle of equivalence. Therefore onerous contract, the defendant accept responsibility (warrants) in order to provide the performance when the thing has its laws and properties specified in the contract (a warranty).


General law shall be that the service at the time of execution


1. Must be fit for the purposes for which others of the same types of services are commonly used, and


2. Be with the quality, and should provide the performance, which is usually the same types of services, and which is entitled to expect, taking into account the nature of the services, as well as the defendant, the manufacturer, the importer has or their representative for service specific properties - especially the goods or advertisements that appear on the label - a public statement, and


3. Shall be entitled to the purposes intended by the defendant was entitled to notice of the date of the contract and agreed to the defendant, and


4. Must have properties in by the defendant herein, and in the services it as shown in the sample holder.


Each service types, things for other special laws contain mandatory requirements (eg. The standards required quality standards, etc).


In addition to the statutory supplies the parties themselves may determine dock essential characteristic of conditions that must follow the service (contract supplies).


In legal terms, the defective performance when


The first thing provided at the time of the actual fulfilment of properties either by law or specified in the contract;


The second thing is improperly installed and the installation contractual obligation, and the debtor or any person to carry out, who is responsible for the conduct of the defendant; and assembling the thing supplied under the contract shall be entitled to carry out, and improper installation is due to errors in the user guide.


Customer contract void the stipulation that these provisions to the detriment of the consumer space. The debtor is liable for defects (a warranty). However, if the error is entitled to know the date of the contract, or it had to be familiar with (eg goods. Used or "bargain" purchase), the defendant shall be exempt from warranty liability. The defendant will be exempt from the warranty liability if the fault can be traced error given by the holder to material, provided that the holder of the material is unsuitable warned. For a consumer contract shall be presumed, unless proven otherwise, that recognized within six months following the completion of an error had been at the time of execution, unless the presumption is that the nature of the thing or the nature of the error incompatible. Otherwise agreed by the parties is void.


Warranty claims

Warranty claims that you can choose in the event of defective performance warranty holder, laws and order conditions are:


1. First of all - the choice - repair or replacement may claim, unless the performance of warranty claims chosen impossible, or if the defendant compared to other warranty claims performance of disproportionate additional costs result, considering perfect condition represents the value of the thing delivered, the seriousness of the breach of contract and compliance with the legal liability to the claimant caused discomfort;


2. If not corrected or replaced no right or the obligation to repair or replacement is not undertaken, or this obligation within a reasonable time, the claimant caused no significant discomfort can not meet - choice - right price reduction claim or withdraw from the contract. Due to the insignificant error cancellation is not allowed.



Validation of warranty claims chosen primarily on the defendant in a declaration addressed to happen. After the discovery of the error bound within the eligible conditions allowed by the complaint promptly communicated to the defendant, otherwise damages resulting from the delay in notification may be held responsible. For a consumer contract provided timely objection shall be deemed communicated within two months of the discovery of the error. The protection of consumers in different agreement is null and void.


The repair or replacement for a proportionate part of the remuneration payable to the lien holder. If the repair is not required to undertake an appropriate period of time, or if it is not done, the holder of the expense of the defendant's failure to resolve itself, or else correcting. Customer contract null and void the clause, which guarantee the order in which the rights set out in the law to the detriment of the consumer space. If the repair is entitled to ask, for example, it may revert to price reduction or replacement etc, but the transition is obliged to reimburse the damage caused by the defendant, unless the move just gave rise to the conduct of the defendant, or the transition was otherwise justified.


The cost of enforcing the obligation and legal liability, the contractual status by establishing a coherent borne by the defendant (eg. The material, labor and transportation costs). Customer contract otherwise agreed by the parties is void. In case of cancellation, exchange or thing of the past will not be entitled to time the user fee, no depreciation is not obliged to pay (assuming the intended use).


The rules of the warranty shall apply even if the contract does not matter is supplied (but eg. Explanation of activity). In this case, replacing the need to understand the performance of the service again.


The warranty periods

Warranty deadlines are necessary because the defendant should not be held in limbo liability of the indefinite with respect. The law contains character limitation warranties and limitation periods.


1. The general warranty time limit of six months from the date of fulfilment, which is kind of limitation. Consequently, if the claim is entitled to notify the debtor that the limitation period is interrupted, and starts all over again. If you do not need to enforce reasons beyond the control, you can save - in particular, if the error, or the character of the nature of things, within the period of six months was not recognizable - a further three months in which to validate the need.


2. If the thing required eligibility period (official or set mandatory minimum technical specification in use by 'date) less than six months, it is the date of guarantee.


3. In the event of a claim Animal Services sixty day deadline (animal warranty).


4. Consumer special two-year limitation period from the date of fulfillment, the clause establishing a shorter period of limitation will be void. However, when used in a consumer contract subject matter, the parties may agree on a shorter period, but it can not be less than one year.


5. The general limitation period of one year warranty from the date of the performance.


6. Long-term use of the things assigned to a limitation period of three years, the customer contract clause in a shorter time limit will be void.


7. If some things more than three years of eligibility required time, validate the warranty claim is governed by the limitation period (eg. For some building materials, plumbing equipment, etc.).



The warranty claim within the time limit shall be considered as validated by the things provided for any defect which caused the marked lack of supplies. However, if the claim is entitled to enforce the only thing distinguishable component of the error terms in respect of the other parts of the thing not covered.


May claim against the warranty rights arising from the same cause of action as an excuse to assert after the deadlines passed.


If the defendant is correct the things that the deadline be extended by the failure of notification of the intended re-usability up over time. The deadline is the thing exchanged (Part thing) If the thing starts again or replace a significant portion (main portion of).



In addition to enforcing the objective-based warranty claims entitled to damages resulting from a defect can claim reimbursement (eg. If the faulty device caused a fire). However, in such cases - being a subjective word Liability - went to the defendant himself if he can prove that for flawless performance acted as generally expected in the given situation. If a consumer contract for non-conformity is due to defective performance of the debtor contracting a third party (previous debtor), the consumer contract debtor may claim reimbursement satisfaction the cost of the previous debtor demands for the failures of consumer needs, provided that the obligation of the quality examining fulfilled. This in turn claim against the third one sixty-day limitation period is provided, which is the primary consumer needs to be calculated from satisfying, but it also needs to be exercised within the limitation period of not more than five years after the completion of the previous bound. Contract chain the case may proceed against the debtor prior to her proper application of these previous deadlines defendant.


The warranty and warranty

Often the case that the defendant is the perfect addition to the warranty liability companies performing well (guarantee), or warranty required by law. While in case of warranty the consumer does not qualify as eligible to show that the performance when the service was wrong, this is not necessary in case of warranty and validated customer contract warranty, because the burden of proof in reverse: the guarantors (consumer contract debtor's) to prove that the cause arose after the performance. If we succeed in proving exempt from liability if they do not, you belong to stricter liability. The rules for the exercise of the rights to the expiration of the applicable law, the exercise of rights in accordance with the warranty.


Source: Magyarorszá



7. Liability


Buyer must be borne in mind that a system failure and outages may occur due to technical reasons. The seller will not accept any responsibility for the Online-Shop for unlimited availability.


Seller assumes no responsibility for the delivery times (we can only guarantee the date of dispatch of the goods), unless the receipt of the seller's premises, or if the delivery time governed by a separate agreement.


Please note that as a result of the Internet public of the risks involved in using the data and information transfer are to be borne by the buyer.


We take no responsibility for the content of web pages, which are through the links on our site may be achieved.



8. Payment terms


Different regulation or contract, the payment can only be made on delivery.


The Seller shall be entitled to an advance order for large-value invoice issued to the Buyer, the value of which has been paid by the Seller may suspend the execution.



9. Cancellation and return to the order (Right of withdrawal)


The buyer is entitled after the order, but before the purchase to cancel the dispatch. This may indicate the need for e-mail or by phone, the seller's customer service. It is absolutely necessary to confirm the cancellation in writing. In this case, any costs not borne by the buyer.

The buyer may cancel the purchase without giving a reason within eight working days of receipt of the goods. In this case, the seller is obligated to refund within the amount paid by the customer immediately, but no later than after the cancellation of the goods and services to thirty days.


The Buyer shall pay the costs incurred in connection with the return of goods because of the exercise of the right of withdrawal.


The seller is obligated to pay only if undamaged, complete packaged product back at the full purchase price to the customer. Compensation for damage resulting from damage to the packaging is borne by the Buyer. The seller may demand compensation for damages resulting from improper use of the product.

The buyer shall not be entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal "service part" of the product delivered in connection with (rubber sheet, text plate case engraving of the product). Also the possibility of withdrawal does not apply to products that are specifically designed for a specific customer, then again may not be sold to other buyers.


If the "products" listed in this section are trying after use turns out that they are proven wrong, and the error was generated prior to the receipt of the goods, the eight-day product replacement opportunity for the seller.



10. Costs of Returns


The Buyer shall pay the costs incurred in connection with the return of goods because of the exercise of the right of withdrawal.



11. Availability maintaining substitutability


If requested by the customer product has been discontinued, or on the basis of periodic non-deliverable, it constitutes the seller is entitled to the customer originally ordered product price and quality is replaced by the corresponding product.



12. The ownership of goods


The payment of the goods remains the property of the seller.



13. Privacy Policy


The use of customers' personal data under the Data Protection Act regulations in force. Every registered customer has a right to access, correct or delete any or all of the information given by him.

Sale store to performance of the contract and the terms of the contract in the future prove to buyers information. Sale of the data which it has stored and guarded stores and manages not passed on to third parties for any purpose in accordance with the Data Protection Act.



14. Packaging


Seller shall provide necessary undamaged packaging for the transport of goods.



15. Jurisdiction


In case of dispute, the Hungarian commercial law will prevail and the Pest District Court has jurisdiction.


16. The operator Communication


Bringing our right to freedom of reserved reject any agreement



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